Life in Rhythm : Support and Advice

Small changes make a big difference

Everyone who has suffered from diarrhoea knows it can affect you physically
and emotionally. Also there can be a number of different causes for
diarrhoea, which can sometimes leave you feeling helpless.

That’s why we’ve brought together advice in the key areas that can
help you deal with the problem. The advice here can help improve
your digestive health and get your life back in rhythm again.

To help you get your body and your life back in rhythm, we’ve brought together advice in the three areas that are key to maintaining good digestive health; Food, Mood and Movement.


Eating a healthy and balanced diet is really important. Find out how to maintain good digestive health through what, and how, you eat.


Keeping your life in balance means looking after yourself emotionally as well as physically. Find out how our modern stressful lives can be a factor.

For some people, stress can be the trigger for diarrhoea.

Diarrhoea doesn’t have to disrupt your life.

Be prepared

Be prepared 


You might be surprised to know how much physical exercise and movement can affect your digestive health. We offer tips on how to do it.