Which IMODIUM® product is right for me?

If you suffer from diarrhoea, you want a medicine that effectively relieves the symptoms of diarrhoea. That's why IMODIUM® has a range of products, each one designed for specific situations. Each one works in harmony with your body to help restore your natural rhythm and calm your diarrhoea.


  Product Benefit Format

Treating Bouts of Diarrhoea -IMODIUM® Zapid®
  • Convenient and discreet relief from diarrhoea symptoms
  • Unique format, that dissolves instantly on your tongue, without the need for water.
  • Perfect for when you’re on the go.

Melting tablets

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Imodium® Zapid

IMODIUM® Capsules
  • Multi symptom relief of diarrhoea and wind pain including painful cramps, bloating and gas
  • Chewable mint flavoured tablets

Chewable tablets

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Imodium® Advanced

IMODIUM® Capsules
  • New Zealand’s #1 diarrhoea treatment*
  • Tried and trusted remedy, provides diarrhoea relief for more than 25 years.
  • Comes in easy to swallow capsules.


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Imodium® Capsules

Diarrhoea doesn’t have to disrupt your life.